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EDAS Nanaimo
We are still in need of the following items and quantities for Nanaimo. Please share!

133 Toque M
87 Mitts
102 Scarves
142 Socs

45 Toque W
90 Mitts
76 Scarves
43 Socks

Thank you!!

Students from Host School NDSS Help on Packaging Day

Secondary students from grades 8 to 12 along with some elementary school helpers package gift bags for those less fortunate in the community. One dozen schools from all over the community contributed to the 2019 EDAS project.

Community Donations

Nanaimo lead Elise Therrien and coordinator Chantal Stefan collect a donation cheque from Coastal Community Credit Union, to be put towards future EDAS projects.

Full to the Brim

In 2019, the EDAS project in Nanaimo collected enough donations to be able to package and distribute upwards of 400 gift bags to people all over the city, surpassing their initial goal of two hundred

In-Person Hand-Delivery

Gift bags in Nanaimo are distributed to five different homeless shelters and organizations. The most significant is the 7-10 Club, a year-round breakfast program for those in need that feeds around 250
people every day.