London, England

✈️EDAS London, England makes its way through our world to bless those nurtured and loved through Refugee Community Kitchen. RCK feed those homeless in London’s five most poverty stricken areas.

I was given the privilege to work with this organization and Streets Kitchen two summers ago and witness the power of their work and their commitment to their cause. It takes so many to roll up their sleeves and open their hearts for the good of our world and it was a true blessing to walk into this work with Refugee Community Kitchen & Street Kitchens and experience the loving and essential work that they do.

From our Canadian hearts ♥️ to yours Janie and crew, we send you our “West Coast L♥️ve” EDAS Project experience.
163 hand painted bags and 163 homemade Christmas cards to be filled with gifts onsite from London donors to be packaged within these beautiful and heartfelt hand decorated EDAS bags and homemade Christmas card made by our students from G.P Vanier Secondary, Arden Elementary and students & staff from École Puntledge Park Elementary.
(Dave Randall, Katie Arsenault, Phebe May, Denise Robson, Amelia Ellen, Tracy Rebitt and more ♥️)

A huge thank you to our participating school communities for this epic and heartfelt collaboration of good ♥️

One of my favorite project pieces ✨
Madame Chantal ♥️

Refugee Community Kitchen ✨

Janie Abbley xo Bob Trafford xo