EDAS Montreal’s
🌊West Coast L♥️ve Project 🏔 🌲

120 hand painted bags and French & English bilingual cards were sent today to « La rue des femmes » women’s shelter in Montreal thanks to the beautiful intermediate students and staff at École Robb Road ♥️
So awesome 🌟

Also a huge thank you to friend Lee-Anne Rose who comes to celebrate and layout this magic that happens every year and then packages it up and mails it out and covers the posting✨

So much L♥️ve and creative beauty goes into this package all bundled for for 120 courageous & resilient women living at “La rue des Femmes” women’s shelter.

A blessed and life changing experience I was given when gifted the experience of a 6 week internship years ago.

These beautiful pieces of art & heart will be filled with gifts from the shelter staff on Christmas Eve so the women will have a hand crafted Christmas gift made by our students sharing some west coast l♥️ve.

Love this project piece ✨

Madame Chantal and the Comox Valley EDAS Team