EDAS Projects


Now moving into Season 16 please help us reach our goal of handing out and sending love to over 1906 people living on our streets across Vancouver Island and beyond.

Within every magical bag of love made by students, kindergarten to grade 12, so many hands and hearts have come together to make this possible. So much hard work, juggling of schedules, lessons on poverty, active citizenship, homelessness, cookie baking, leadership, understandings of working with intention of good will, faith, kindness, love, new understanding of how to strengthen community, see the unseen & build a more compassionate and caring world, for all of it to come alive. How we thank you for your commitment to this work and for such open and giving hearts. It’s been life changing for all of us to experience as we get to witness how anything is possible when you lead/educate with your head and also your heart. I would like to personally thank our EDAS team Drew, Steph, Jodi, Jen, Sheri, Jo, Jenny, Christian, Naz, Nic, Jess & Tania who have worked hard throughout our season to help grow our work & move our projects forward by contributing so much of their time & their own unique gifts. So grateful team❤.

So much gratitude to all the school communities, local school boards, local Rotary groups, local businesses, services groups local media, church groups, choirs and individuals who helped make this project come alive.

Over 9000 sugar cookies baked and decorated, over 2000 bags painted and over 2000 homemade Christmas cards made, all by students🌟.

A huge thank you to those living on our streets who have shared their story of heartbreak, pain and resilience so we could learn from them and inspire others to respect everyone’s voice, no matter what their story. May those homeless on our local streets understand that they are not alone this Christmas, that someone out there is thinking of them and hoping, that feelings of intentional pure love, reach them from a far.

Again, I thank you so very much, my sacred difference maker community members near & far, may you all understand/know/feel how amazing you are and that anything is possible if you try.

All My Love & Grace❤,

Chantal Stefan

Founder of Everybody Deserves A Smile (EDAS)